“Our son Cooper had a wonderful experience living in Alabama and playing junior hockey with the Ducks for two seasons. His billet family was incredible! They were so caring and giving; he had a hard time leaving them!  The Point Mallard Ducks Team and the TPH organization are professionally run by knowledgeable and experienced staff.  Coach Winkler was supportive and instrumental in guiding Cooper forward in his hockey journey.  Cooper has gained skills, experience, and lifelong friendships that will help him and stay with him throughout his life.”

Dan and Crisi Seedott, Ducks Player Parents, August 2016

“My son, Matt, has had the privilege of playing for the Point Mallard Ducks for the past two seasons.  He has been given the opportunity to grow and develop his hockey skills beyond anything I would have expected.  The Ducks and the TPH organization do a great job with development of players.  But as a parent the most valuable part of the last two years for my son has been what he’s learned and experienced that is beyond the game itself.  Hockey is a great sport, it teaches valuable life lessons.  It moves fast, you have to keep your head up and your feet moving.  It rewards hard work and values teamwork and leadership.  It teaches how to take a hit and still keep moving.  It teaches how to deal with adversity.  It teaches how to win, and how to lose.  It’s those kinds of life lessons that boys hear about all their lives from parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors.  But Junior Hockey allows young men to experience those things at a whole different level and the potential for personal growth is outstanding.  The Ducks do a great job of integrating those lessons into player development by involving players in the community and in teaching and training future players on the ice during clinics and camps.  For me it has been well worth the investment in time and resources for my son to have played for Point Mallard.” 

Greg Darnell, Ducks player parent, May 2016

“We are extremely pleased with our experience with the Ducks organization this past season.  From the excellent coaching Jake received to the satisfaction of knowing Jake was with a great billet family, the Ducks offered everything we needed as a family to support Jake in his success.  Coach Bushey was instrumental in Jake’s development on and off the ice, along with the rest of the coaching staff.  Additionally, because Jake was still a senior in high school attending online classes, the organization provided assistance needed to further his educational development.  Jake’s success this year is largely due to the support and development he received.  From leading the team in points, to being selected for the NA3HL Top Prospects tournament, and finally signing a tender to the NAHL Kenai River Brown Bears, Jake was supported in all aspects to become a better player on and off the ice. Overall, we feel the Ducks did a great job in their first season in the league.”

– Amy Cox, Ducks player parent, April 2015

“What does Orono, Maine to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Decatur Alabama have in common? When Ice Hockey is involved, the common denominator means Jaleel is mobile in his Kia Sportage ready to become part of the action. His love for the sport began at age two, when influenced by the ice hockey fans who were also residents of Kennebec Hall.  Ice hockey would become one of the pillars that help create community as well as foster camaraderie.”

– Marie Rosemond, Ducks player parent, March 2015

“Our 18 year-old son had a wonderful 9 month-experience with the Point Mallard Ducks. After graduating from high school and going away to experience NA3 hockey 8 hours from home, we were concerned with many things. His billet family was perfect for him (be honest when requesting billeting) thanks to Terri Mashburn. The coaches were A-1 and concerned for the guy’s transition as well. We would highly recommend this team and its associates, coaches and team members. In their first year of existence the Ducks have far exceeded our expectations.”

– Jill Hamilton, Ducks player parent, March 2015

“In this first year, the community of Decatur and Pt. Mallard has really embraced the Ducks.  The coaching staff, the organization, and the facilities are top quality and they really try hard to prepare and promote the players to the next level.  Thank you Ducks for a great experience in this inaugural season and best of luck in the future.  Go Ducks!”

– Marty Goodman, Ducks player parent, February 2015

“Southern hospitality is a real thing.  As a parent, letting your 18 year old son move so far away from home was a scary thing.  But we found out quickly he would be just fine.  From the TPH organization to the coaches and the wonder billet families, we felt Grant was in the right place.  The TPH owners were very approachable and told us to call with questions.  Coach Bushey was there to push and help develop Grant to move him on to the next level.  The billet families were some of the nicest people we had met.  Overall it was a wonderful experience for Grant and us.  Even better he was able to fulfill his goal of moving on to the NAHL.  We can’t thank everyone enough.”

– Kari Dukus, Ducks player parent, April 2015